The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced Tuesday Jan. 8th 2013 that it will delay accepting all 2012 tax returns by eight days, pushing the acceptance of both e-file and paper tax returns to January 30, more than a week past the originally scheduled date of January 22.
Despite the new filing date, taxpayers can – and should – start having their tax returns prepared. The IRS delay does not impact our readiness or our ability to work with our clients.  
At Sanford Tax Group we prepare income, estate and gift tax returns for individuals, small businesses, estates and trusts. Business entity filings encompass general and limited partnerships, C and S corporations, limited liability companies, and tax-exempt organizations. Sanford Tax Group offers tax planning and preparation services, and advises clients on all tax mitigation issues. Tax representation and consultation services are provided on behalf of clients selected for audit by federal and state taxing agencies. We represent non-filers and clients subject to garnishments, levies, and liens.

Sanford Tax Group is a tax, accounting and payroll service company serving the needs of individuals, small businesses, estates, and trusts. We currently support clients across the United States.  Our website is organized to introduce you to our firm, and to the professional services we provide. Newsletters, FAQs, organizers and tax pages are offered for educational purposes.

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